The One's Symbol

Our symbol represents the astrological sign, Pisces, surrounded by an infinity circle. It is the last symbol of the zodiac, therefore containing traits of all of the astrological signs. Pisces is represented by the fish, which Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and passion – transformed into to defeat Typhon. Not only could Aphrodite transform herself, but she possessed the alchemical powers to transform others.

Meet Our Team

Shannon Kate Valliant

Cosmetic Injection Specialist, RN, BsC.

After graduating from McMaster University in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Nursing (B.Sc.N), Shannon began her career as a crisis nurse in mental health and addictions. She loved helping patients feel better on the inside and decided to blend this passion with her aesthetic eye to make others feel better on the outside.

In 2014, Shannon pursued a career as an aesthetic practitioner. She embraces a global approach in her practice which focuses on safety, trusting relationships, and realistic outcomes. Shannon regularly attends training and conferences locally and internationally, keeping up on the most current skills and treatments. She utilizes her knowledge and techniques to assist her clients in achieving their most natural and confident self.

Jessica Walker RPN Staff Photo

Tisha Baker


Nurse Tisha graduated from Ryerson University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her career began in cardiology and medicine, but she quickly realized her interest in aesthetics and pursued a career in plastic surgery. Tisha then obtained a peri-operative certificate from George Brown College with honours and resumed employment with The Plastic Surgery Clinic in the operating room, recovery room, and post-op follow-up for 5 years. She also spent 2 years working specifically in head and neck surgery. These opportunities are what helped her to develop an appreciation for the structure of the face and its associated beauty.

In addition to the ability to assess and respond in critical situations calmly, her closest colleagues and friends would describe her as possessing a great attention to detail, a passion for mastering her craft and being extremely compassionate towards others. What's most important to Nurse Tisha is seeing the positive impact her care has on her patients. She believes that when you feel confident, it radiates outwards and permeates other areas of your life. Look good, feel great.

Dr. Kanaganayakam - Staff Photo

Kelly Ross


Kelly completed her undergraduate degree through University of New Brunswick-Humber College in 2007. She worked as an RN in acute care at Toronto General Hospital before transitioning to NP in primary care at Unison Health & Community Services. She obtained her Master's degree and Nurse Practitioner Certificate through Ryerson University in 2012.

Kelly believes in continued nursing education and has been teaching nursing students at Humber College since 2009. When it comes to medical aesthetics; she trained at APT injection training in 2016, and continues to attend workshops and conferences to further her knowledge and skills.